Make sure you follow the instructions you received with the device very carefully.

  1. To insert the SIM card and battery, open the battery cover on the back of the device. While you’ve got the device open, make a note of the WiFi key that is printed on the label next to the SIM slot. You’ll need the key later to connect to the device. 
  2. Insert the SIM and the battery to get started. 
  3. Start the device by holding the power button located on the top right side. 
  4. Search on your wireless device for the WiFi network starting with MF60_XXXXXXXX and connect. You will now be asked to enter the WiFi key which was found on the back of the device, under the battery. Your device will then connect to the WiFi signal provided by the Mobile WiFi hotspot. Wait a minute or two so for the device to initialize and connect to the network.
  5. Open your internet browser and enter – this will bring you to the configuration page for the device. To login, input the password admin and click Login.
  6. If you need to enter a PIN code for your SIM, you will enter it now. The PIN is usually found on the SIM card itself. Want to disable the PIN lock? Go to Settings > Advanced > PIN Manage in the configuration.
  7. Go to Settings > 3G Settings> APN Setting to set the APN configuration as per your instruction letter, wait a minute and then connect to a new web page to confirm that everything is working.