If you purchased a top up from us along with your SIM, we will either top up your card directly OR send you a top up voucher that you must redeem. The detailed instructions for redeeming your voucher are always included in the instruction letter you received with your order.

Some top up vouchers have a scratch tab that you need to scratch off to reveal a code.

If you didn’t purchase a top up from us prior to your departure, you can always order one when you’re already at your destination! Just go to:

US customers: www.holidayphone.com/addons

AU customers: www.holidayphone.com.au/addons

UK customers: www.holidayphone.co.uk/addons

Simply enter your order number and the email address you used when you placed your order, choose the top ups you want to add and then proceed with payment. We'll either top up on your behalf, or email you the top up information.