With the HolidayPhone call forwarding system (an add-on you must purchase if you wish to use), we provide you a local landline number to which you will divert your calls. We then take care of forwarding the call on to your foreign number.

Once you set up the call forwarding directly from your regular phone, all your calls are diverted to the new number, so we recommend that you do it right before you leave on your trip.

To set up call forwarding:

  •  Wait until right before you depart on your trip!
  •  With your regular home SIM inserted in your phone, dial *21* followed by the number we provided to you in your instruction letter. If that doesn’t work, try contacting your operator directly and ask them to forward your calls to the new number, or set the call forwarding directly in your phone settings. 

Remember, text messages are NOT forwarded, they will be stored on your regular SIM so you will receive them whenever you insert it into your phone.